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Company name: Shenzhen City Hing billion Electronics Company Limited
Phone number:0755-25324801
Fax number:0755-83632296
Sales counters: Shenzhen Futian District Huaqiang electronic world No. 3Lu Huaqiang A233

About us

About us

   Shenzhen Xing billion electronic limited company specializing in the production of various kinds of wiring and equipment. The main products: terminal blocks, insulation trunkings, floor groove, free insulation protection sleeve, rolling over belt, plastic copper, plastic screws, plastic nuts, PC plate spaced columns, PC board isolation column, six corner separation column, column spacing, round, American plastic pillars, plastic screws, plastic nuts IFI US-made, copper inlay pieces isolation column, a wire fixing seat, Zhadai fixed seat, fixed seat, sticky isolation type fixing seat, wiring fixing seat, bolt fixing type seat, adjustable fixed seat, adhesive type beam line ring, ring, rolling stick type wire twisting wire fixing seat, two section type fixing seat, fixed seat, cable clamp cable, cord, R type clamp, button Cypriot head, rotary plug, hole plug, plug, power line deduction, retaining wire ring, coil, chassis, the retaining coil wire protecting ring,0ring, seals, nylon rivets, screws, rivets, rivet, auto plastic nylon washer gasket, nylon, nylon Zhadai, beam line belt, a fixed buckle, buckle door, LED light, LED, LED, LED, LED lamp column spacing isolation column, transistors, transistor, transistor cover gasket Body seat, insulating material insulating cloth, grain, insulation, insulation cap sleeve, mica, PC board, PC plate pull handle, waterproof connectors, cable fixed head, closed terminals, press line cap, the Ottomans, the Ottomans, self-adhesive pad bolt, rubber foot pad, chassis Ottomans, plastic mats, plastic mat, silicone the Ottomans, test points, PC plate welding terminals, terminal hardware, pressure riveting terminals and other electronic computer plastic parts, wiring equipment and computer peripheral parts, products widely used in various types of control panel, communication equipment, power supply industry.


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       Shenzhen Xing billion electronics company limited since its inception, has always been enshrined: survive by quality, technology and development, market-oriented business purposes. In the same industry in a leading position, we will continue to first-class design and development, high-quality management personnel, create brilliant!